Amazing photos of the Milky Way

It’s alright to contemplate our existence every now and then. It is okay to gaze up at the night sky and wonder if there is anything out there. It is common to realize how small you are in the gigantic, incomprehensible scheme of things in this vast universe. But it is an entirely different thing to see how beautiful the night sky really is, away from all the lights of the city. The way your heart feels when you look at such a sight… I can only feel it. It’s quite hard to describe. Russian photographer and ambulance driver Boris Dmitriev does exactly that. Using a Canon 6D, a number of lenses and a specialized Vixen Polarie star tracker mount, and the beauty of the Crimea, the meadows in mid-Russia and the North Caucasus Mountains, Boris does an excellent job of showing us how mesmerising the galaxy is. The feelings, we are sure, will be surreal.

‘The finest thing about night shooting is the opportunity to remain alone with nature, space and also to move apart from the framework of human perception.’

‘I love that the pictures look almost-supernatural. It makes you understand that we are the part of the Universe and here, you became closer to it.’

“When I look at the heavens…….., what is man….”

“The very act of observation creates the observed”

So, how do you feel? Surreal? Happy? light headed? Take a look at some of the stunning photos of the Northern Lights to get a glimpse of how amazing the universe can actually be.

Sources: The world of Boris Dmitriev Photography,


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