Woman rides solo around the world

Riding solo around the world? Sure. Sounds like a plan. How, or rather why would you do it? How do you even get started on something as gigantic as this? Anna Grechisnkina of Ukraine has been on the road since the summer of 2013, and she has not looked back since.

Riding a KTM 1190 Adventure, Anna started her trip in July 2013 from Kiev, Ukraine. 26 months and four continents later, Ana is still on the road, exploring the joys, the ups and the downs of travelling around the world on a motorcycle. “This has been a life changing experience, allowing me to meet so many people and see everyday miracles so I can keep going” , told Anna in a press event held by KTM Colombia in Medellín. Under the motto “I have a dream” Anna speaks on behalf of kids in orphanages, asylums, hospitals and schools, talking about her adventures and the importance of following one’s dreams, no matter how big or small.

I have a dream.

Her facebook page offers a great account of her journey, with lively pictures, and profound, thought provoking posts. One of the posts, where she speaks about the questions she gets on how to start on a trip, gives us a glimpse into why one should sit back and retrospect, and think deeply as to what they want to do and be, when contemplating to start something that they believe is their dream. How to get started?

“I think about riding the world like you do for years now. But never made it to start. Could you give me a tip or a recommendation on how to get started?”

A few days ago I received a question which seemed to me quite interesting, and I decided to make a separate post on it. The question was: “I think about riding the world like you do for years now. But never made it to start. Could you give me a tip or a recommendation on how to get started?”

The question seemed quite simple but it confounded me at the beginning. It does not have any simple answer. But still I will share a few of my thoughts.

I think that one should start with honest answers to some questions. Do I really want this? And if yes, why do I want this? You should give the answers not to somebody else but to yourself with looking into the deepest depths of your soul. They say that a person actually knows all the answers with regard to himself/herself.

The second thing which is important to realize and accept is that it will never be easy – either in preparation or in the process. Nothing is easy when it’s something significant. But that’s why it’s so precious.

And when you passed through this preparatory stage, the next and the main one is just do it! Don’t think and don’t contemplate too much and too long! The more you think and analyze, the more reasons and excuses you will find for not to go or not to do. For any idea you can easily find strong reasons and explanations why it is not viable.

The idea about world trip came into my mind not so long ago. As soon as it showed up, I got scared and tried to bury it. But I didn’t succeed, and that’s how I realized that I really want this, to go for a world trip. Between the moment of the first appearance of the idea and start of actual preparation, just a few months passed. If I continued to contemplate on whether to go or not for at least a year, something tells me that I would still be contemplating: )

By no means I encourage you to go crazy and careless, and do anything without common sense. But there is a difference between search for excuses and search for solutions. And again, if you are honest with yourself, you will know what you are up to.

One more thing which you have to take into account and which is absolutely normal.. You’ll never be able to calculate and foresee everything that’s ahead of you on the way to your goal. This is natural and normal, and this is not the reason not to start, it’s only an excuse. As we say in Russian, the road will be conquered by somebody who walks it. Start your road, make the first step, second and further ones will soon reveal themselves.

But I agree that the first step is the most difficult one. Since I started my world trip, I encountered many difficulties and trials. But even now I still think that the hardest one was that first day, that first step. I am not sure if I would be able to do anything like that again. But at the same time I am absolutely confident that that first day was one of the happiest, and that first step was one the most correct decisions in my life.

But no matter what I’ll tell you here, I will not find for your sufficient motivation if you don’t find it for yourself. And this returns us to the very first question – if you really want this?

It’s actually not the world trip that matters. If you don’t go for it, nothing wrong will happen either in your life, or in the world. Perhaps, your heart and your real aspirations are in something else. Find it, and just do it, step by step, falling and ascending. You’ll never regret it.

A photo log of a biker’s ride across the Indian subcontinent is the next thing you would want to read.

Sources: www.enmoto.tv, Female World Trip on Motorcycle


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