The Toughest Adventure Road on the Planet

Ever since the dawn of civilizations and cities and empires, roads have played a fundamental part in connecting the various parts of the empire. From the  From the roads that connected the various parts of the Roman Empire, to the Great Silk Route, roads have been instrumental, and a vital part of the past, as they are today. For travellers, automobile enthusiasts, transport vehicles alike, the road is essential. There have been some great roads, with amazing views, the twists, the antiquated history, and the importance. Then there are some of the most adventurous roads, and some of them are not for the faint of the heart, or the ill prepared. The BAM road is one of them.

The toughest adventure road on the planet: The BAM.

bam road

One of the toughest adventure roads on the planet, the Baikal-Amur Mainline was a railway line built as a strategic alternative to the Trans-Siberian Railway in Siberia, Russia.. The BAM road is the road that was built to facilitate the construction of this mammoth project. It is filled with everything, from rickety old bridges to waist high water crossings, and at points, being miles away from civilization. From Vanino on the Russian pacific coast through Komsomolsk, Fevralsk, Tynda, Severobaikalsk, Ust Kut, Bratsk and back to the Trans-Siberian Highway near Taishet, the BAM road is 4,300km (2,700mi) long, and is mostly gravel with broken wood bridges and extreme weather conditions. Due to the severe terrain, weather, length and cost the BAM has been described as “the construction project of the century.”

The pictures below give a idea of how dangerous, difficult and nerve-wracking this road can be. Its doable by the most extreme off-road vehicles and adventure motorcycles. The BAM road is quite famous for this. Everyone wants to attempt this extreme road. Not every one completes. It is a real test of physical and mental endurance. The Sibirsky Extreme Trail runs through this road, among others.

bam road on world map russia
The BAM road is shown by the green line, where it departs from the Trans Siberian (red) at Tayshet.
Motorcycling the BAM road is not for the faint of the heart!
river crossing BAM
One of the many river crossings on the BAM road.

Everyone wants to attempt this extreme road. Not every one completes.

Waist deep water crossings are quite normal on this road.
One of the 4000 bridges on the BAM road. This one has collapsed, as would have some others.
The hard way around. Bridges of the BAM are weak, unstructured, and can probably collapse due to the weight.
It is not for the faint hearted, weak, or the ill prepared. It takes real balls to do this road.
Most of the road is gravel, when the bridges and water crossings are not around.
There is no fighting a stubborn bridge.
But then, the views can be breath-taking… If you are capable of seeing them.
And at the end of the day, you can ride off into the sunset, proud, happy, exhausted, and wise.

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2 thoughts on “The Toughest Adventure Road on the Planet

  1. Fascinating traverse that BAM route sure is! Chills and thrills aplenty looks like! 😉
    Adventure in the outback where not many dare to venture out, eh?! Someday……..!!


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