The Ultimate Way of Travelling

Sex, drugs, rock and roll, and the open highway!

There is a feeling of freedom about being on the road, and not having to think about where you would want to go next. In fact, there is freedom in not having a plan, but to go wherever the road takes you. And this is what hitch hiking is at its core. Though you may not have the luxury or autonomy of a car, the vulnerability of hitchhiking can often be a blessing in disguise. Immersing yourself in the unknown is often the fastest way to stimulate growth of self. Apart from the obvious cost benefits of crossing the country by means of thumb, hitchhiking affords one the opportunity to befriend a wide spectrum of kind-hearted strangers, and to experience the unexplainable serendipity of the road.

You must be willing to dance with unexpected circumstances, and each new experience will stimulate your life and expand your self confidence.

Some days you may find yourself in the middle of nowhere, stuck in the rain with nothing but a damp backpack and open-road. And others, you will end up skinny-dipping in the ocean with a group of strangers turned life-long friends. As you make it across the country with nothing but your bag and extended thumb, you feel your self-confidence expand with each new experience, close call, and unexpected circumstance you must be willing to dance with.

From Venice Beach, California to the coast of Maine—Benjamin Jenks traversed 5,000 miles across America to pursue his dream of seeing the country through the eyes of a hitchhiker, and in the video below, he shows us his experience, condensed into two short minutes.

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