Playmobil photography in Lyon, France

The (Mini) MotoNomad Adventures: The Beginning

Have you ever wondered how the world feels like if you are smaller than usual? In fact, way smaller, about the size of thumb? Well, I think it is an experience that is not everyone can handle. While some of my kind are constrained to the toy buildings of kid’s playrooms, others choose to live a little more, and to do that, we travel! As a nomad, my preferred choice of travelling is on my motorcycle, because riding is what I was meant to do. I may also do other things from time to time, but as it is said, you have got to start somewhere!

It is not easy, but it is an adventure! So, today, I would like to share with you some of my first photos from the road! I hope you enjoy them!

Have you ever wondered how fast I can go on my mini motorcycle? Quite fast, I tell you.


This is my first time in Paris, and the Arc de Triomphe was a huge welcoming sight! I wonder if they have steps to get to the top…

An early morning movie is never bad when you are on the road.. or so they say. I just made that up.


Taking a little walk to explore the Paris underground. Where are the trains?!


Hello ladies, want to go out for a drink? 😉


Exploring the thrills (and later on, the spills) of motorcycling…


Everyone crashes. Some get up, most do not.


Taking a break while on the road. I hope there was no one hiding in the bushes in front of me.


Taking the road less travelled…


The view from the top of the hill is quite fantastic!


Exploring Lyon city and searching for a bakery. I love the French bakeries!


Sometimes, I need a little faith while on the road…


I am at my happiest when the sun is shining!


Packing my bags, time to hit the road again!


And away I ride! Where will I find myself next?


Follow me on Instagram to keep in touch with my adventures, and I will meet you on the road somewhere! Bon Voyage!


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