The Northern Lights from Space

NASA’s Hubble telescope has shown us some of the magnificent pictures of our vast universe in recent times. It is not what it always does. Sometimes, the telescope is pointed at our world, and the result is that there is some incredible footage that is often created. And none more incredible than the Northern Lights, the ‘Aurora Borealis’. Take a look at some of the incredible shots the Hubble has captured over the years in the pictures below:

Nothing like a morning shot of the Aurora Borealis to wake you up. This picture was taken from the International Space Station (ISS).
Northern lights over south pole footloosenomad
The Northern Lights might be beautiful from Earth, but this aurora over the South Pole is absolutely breathtaking.
northern lights over earth footloosenomad
Astronaut Scott Kelly snapped this photo during a night time flyover of the seemingly lava-filled Nile; its glow comes from the Egyptian cities bordering the river.
Astronaut Mike Hopkins, aboard the International Space Station, shared this picture of the northern lights on Oct. 9, 2013, saying “The pic doesn’t do the northern lights justice. Covered the whole sky. Truly amazing!”


Take a look at this amazing video for more of the spectacular Northern Lights.


For more, you can read “Dance of the Lights“, or “Alaska in Technicolor” to satisfy your craving to see the amazing lights. November and December are the best times to get a glimpse of this truly amazing celestial spectacle. Tromsø, and Svalbard (in Norway), Alaska, the North of Sweden, Iceland, Greenland, and the North of Canada are some of the best places to visit to witness this dance of the lights. Don’t forget your winter wear!

Sources: Images 1 – 3, Image 4, Image 5


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