Motion Megapixel

Did you always wanted to capture that perfect shot of that perfect adventure that you’ve been planning for the year? Did you wish to capture you in action of your favorite sport? Were you always longing to document your cross-country ride, your scuba dives into the depths of the ocean or the expression on your face when you are falling weightless skydiving? Did you always hope for a tough camera which would be rolling through extreme conditions of fire, water, sun, sand and mud?

Nick Woodman felt the same and actually did something about it. A decade ago, at the age of 27, with a mischievous half-grin on his face wanted a camera on his wrist so that his buddies could see his surfing skills. The result of this want is a phenomenon called GoPro, America’s fastest growing digital imaging company.

It all started with a broken surf board leash and some rubber bands that allowed him to dangle a disposable Kodak camera to his wrist for easy operation to capture the perfect wave hit. He needed a camera that is durable enough to take the wear and tear of the sea. Armed with his mom’s sewing machine, a hand-drill and a Camelback full of Gatorade, he created his first prototype in 2001 and sold his first camera, a 35mm HERO in Sept-04 at an action-sports trade show in San Diego. These were Goodman’s crawling steps into becoming today’s $2.6 billion company.

GoPro HERO4: The Adventure of Life in 4K

In 2006, after much pressure from his friends to go digital, he introduced the digital hero with this introduction video which went viral. In 2008, GoPro makes two distinct changes with its Digital Hero camera. First, the company installs wide-angle lenses on its newest cameras, giving users that distinct panorama shot that is now one of GoPro’s signatures.

The company also begins marketing GoPros as mountable devices, allowing people to now film themselves by attaching their cameras to ski poles, car frames and surfboards. 2011 is when GoPro went into mainstream markets with the introduction on Hero 2 with a 11 MP camera, low-light capturing capabilities and 1080p at 30 fps. These features caught the attention of many consumers around the world and the company revenue shot upto $234 million. This opened doors to a new revolution and youtube flooded with videos of thrill seekers capturing their favorite adventure.

GoPro HERO4 Session: GoPro, Simplified

Late 2012, GoPro passed $500 million mark with the introduction of Hero 3. Later the same year, Foxxconn invested $200 million making Woodman a billionaire also making GoPro the fastest growing camera company. With the introduction of  Hero 4, GoPro opened up new horizons with its stunning 4K resolution and supreme night photography options. Not to mention its impressive list of accessories and mounts. Here in this write-up I put together, what I think is 5 best GoPro video compilations of all time giving you an idea of best use of this camera with its stunning angles and some creative editing.

Best of GoPro – 2015

Epic GoPro Hero3

Hero3+ Launch Video

Interesting how these videos change the perspective of an adventure, doesn’t it? Get yourself a GoPro and capture your next adventure.


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