Beyond the ‘usual’ Grand Canyon

At almost 5 million visitors per year, the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona is one of the most popular landmarks and tourist destinations in the United States of America. At its narrowest point, the Grand Canyon is nearly 10 miles wide and 5,000 feet deep. The Grand Canyon is upto 277 river miles (or 446km) long and 18 miles (or 29km) wide at its widest point.

90% of the visitors to this amazing and magnificent natural formation see the Grand Canyon from the ‘South Rim’ and claim to have seen it all.

Here is what they miss when they don’t travel below the rim.

These magnificent pictures showcase the Grand Canyon in all its glory and beyond the touristy South Rim. If you want to bask in the glory of the Grand Canyon and see some of the most magnificent views on Planet Earth, go beyond and below the Rim. Take a look at the pictures and ascertain for yourself.

The Grand Canyon is more than 5,000 feet deep and 10 miles wide at its narrowest point.

Grand Canyon_1
One of the Eastern most view points of the Grand Canyon is Lipan Point. Catch magnificent views of the sunset and the broad expanse of the Eastern Canyon from here.
Grand Canyon_2
An Oasis in a Desert, or so it is described. Bright Angle Creek is a thin ribbon of greenery in the otherwise dry environment of the Canyon.
Grand Canyon_3
Some of the most amazing views of the Milky Way in the United States can be seen from the Grand Canyon. There is no major city around for miles and light pollution is minimal.
Grand Canyon_4
Reptiles such as this Horned Lizard have made this hot and humid landscape their home.
Grand Canyon_5
As the sun sets and darkness slowly envelopes the Canyon, the Blue Hour emerges, making for a dramatic setting after a long day of intense heat.

Edge of light in black and white – The beauty of opposing colors

Grand Canyon_6
Sunrise from the South Kaibab Trail.
Grand Canyon_7
Where words fail, pictures speak. Sunset in the Grand Canyon.
Grand Canyon_8
A magical moment in the skies above the Grand Canyon, when thunderstorms provide a brief respite from the heat.
Grand Canyon_9
Century Plants, or Utah Agave, live for years. They bloom only once before dying.
Grand Canyon_10
The Kaibab rock formation dominate the southern rim of the Grand Canyon. Water pockets like those at Grandview point act as sources of water for wildlife along the rim.

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