Stunning Images from Western Australia

Australia is famous for its dramatic landscapes, its unique wildlife, its World Heritage sites such as Bungle Bungle Ranges, Karinjini National Park and the cave formations of Tunnel Creek and Margaret River.

Western Australia has only a small minority of inhabitants. A significant part is sparsely populated. This absence of people and the uniqueness of the landscape means that the region has relatively low human disturbance and a high likelihood of places and spots untouched by urbanisation. 

Bungle Bungle Ranges, Karinjini National Park and the Cave formations of Tunnel Creek and Margaret River are World Heritage Sites

Check out some of the beautiful spots in Western Australia through photos clicked by Western Australian based photographer Paul Pichugin. These images bring to life the beauty of the land that is Western Australia.

Check out some more spectacular views of Western Australia in Birds Eye view of the great landscapes of Western Australia

The southwest has 100+ wineries and breweries, next level beaches, exceptional surf, hiking, caving and mountain biking.

The Goldfields – Esperance region is a left over from the Gold Rush of the late 1800s. In the midst of the region is Lake Ballard. The salt lake hosts an art installation of 51 sculpted statues by the artist Antony Gormley.

 It is a huge effort to get to Menzies, but well worth the effort

The Coral Coast runs from Cervantes to Exmouth and sits on the incredible Ningaloo Reef. Locals say that the reef is even better than the Great Barrier Reef in the east.
Bluff Knoll is Western Australia’s third tallest peak. Located in the Stirling Ranges, it gets light snow in Winters which usually melts within a few hours.

“Southern Lights” or Aurora Australis, while not able to compete with the Northern Lights, they are still great to see

One of the few places in Australia where you can see the ‘Southern Lights’ or ‘Aurora Australis’.

The Dance of the Amazing Northern Lights

The Soutwest is arguably one of the most picturesque regions of Australia. It has next level beaches, exceptional surf, hiking, cave and mountain biking options.
Next level beaches, sometimes you can have one for yourself.


Karinjini National Park, 1400km from Perth is filled with gorges, waterfalls and swimming holes.
Hammersley Gorge is located in Karinjini National Park.
Glamping in Joffre George.

Karinjini is quite remote, and it takes a decent amount of preparation to get there. You should also carry spare fuel and water as they are available in very limited quantity.

Rottenest island is a popular holiday spot or a day trip spot for many inhabitants of Perth.

Rottenest Island “Rotto” is 18km off the coast of Perth and is popular holiday spot.

Check out some amazing photos of the Grand Canyon beyond the usual…

Southwest Australia.
Kalbarri has pink lakes and rock formations such as the nature’s window.
Nights at Karinjini National Park can offer some spectacular views of the Milky Way.


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Source: Paul Pichgin Photography



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