The 4K Series – Africa


Africa is truly one of the last mysteries on this planet. ‘The Dark Continent‘ as it is popularly known in lore is home to some of the greatest natural landscapes in the world. With its harsh climate, unforgiving weather and remote locations, some of these landscapes have remained untouched. Filmmaker Maciej Tomków visits the Kalahari Desert in Botwsana and Namibia, far from the lights of the city to bring us some truly stunning pictures of the region.


According to Maciej, “There are places where the stars are the only source of light”… “Their singularity is breathtaking., inclines to reflection and become the root to inspiration. Places like that are usually unspoiled, natural and intact. These are the places where humans live in symbiosis with nature.”

The wilderness of Namibia in a stunning timelapse

Tomków’s setting is almost completely free of light pollution, allowing him to capture one of the most pristine visions of the night sky in the world.

Over the course of a month,  Tomków captured two terabytes of stunning timelapse footage. The film “Undisturbed Places” expertly frames a selection of crystal clear stars with Africa’s exotic landscapes and plant life, all under 4 minutes of truly mind awing footage.

“Namibia is one of the few places on Earth with the lowest light pollution. There are national parks there where the light pollution is reduced to zero. That’s why it has become a hotspot for astronomy photographers like myself”

The 4K Series – Africa is the first in a series of posts on the Footloose Nomad that aims to showcase some of the most exciting and iconic cities and places on planet Earth in stunning 4K footage. The 4K series will showcase cities such as New York, Dubai, Paris, Rome and the Vatican, Istanbul, Vancouver Island, Miami, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, to name a few. 

The 4K series will also feature places such as Banff National Park, Macchu Picchu, The Maldive Islands, Nepal, Africa, Iceland, Guatemala, Jerusalem and Alaska. 

Check out the entire The 4K Series for more videos.

Timelapse at the Edge of the Earth

Sources: The Creators Project,


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