Hi! I am Suhas ‘Rocky’.

I started blogging on the FootlooseNomad to share stories from around the world, of places, tales from the road, and sights and spectacles. It is founded with the purpose of being a travel blog. I like to read unconventional travel articles, blogs and stories when I am not outdoors, and I like to share them with people.

I love travel, just as much as you do. Travelling is something that is part of my life, and I try to bring you stories of people I meet on the road, people who travel, for travel’s sake. Little known, unknown people, they all have a travel story to tell. I also aspire to inspire with some of my own stories from the road.

I am a delicate combination of an expat, someone living outside of his home country, and a traveller, living and trying to create a life for himself on the open road.

The Footloose Nomad does not intend to infringe on copyright article, material, or photos. I make all effort to give the relevant references and sources wherever required. All original articles and content in this website are the my own opinions and conclusions.

My other hobbies include building model aircrafts and ships, motorcycle racing and drinking green tea.

For more information or to report something, please write to me at 46suhas@gmail.com

Happy reading, and I hope it will inspire you to be footloose!

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